home theatre room size

Size does not matter

When it comes to setting up a Home Theatre, almost any room will do

Home Theatres have many heartwarming attributes. One of them is: they don’t really care what size they are put in?

Sure, bigger is a grander experience, but small can be just as mind-blowing.

Of course, we’re talking room size here.

So, if you’ve got the space… whatever it is – a hall, bedroom, or a really large room you’ve earmarked specifically for your Home Theatre – get in touch with Sygnus Technologies and we’ll set it up for you.

The only absolute no-no is that your room should not be a square to a perfect cuboid, as these shapes cause sounds to distort. Every other room shape, especially rectangular, can be turned into a Home Theatre.

And it’s really simple how a room turns into a Home Theatre.

home theatre

You take the dimensions of the room you have, invest in the TV/projector and audio system best suited for that room, adjust your sitting arrangements to the optimal point from the screen, adjust your speakers based on that sitting arrangement et voila your basics are in place.

Then comes the work on the acoustic of the room. This isn’t just sound-proofing, here the walls will be ‘built’ to absorb sound to reduce resonance and vibrations. There may be bass traps put in place to reduce the base frequencies that cause reflection of sound. May be diffusers will need to be installed, especially if your room is large, to scatter-reflect sound evenly across the room.

See, simple enough to understand, and complicated enough to best be done by professionals. Like Sygnus Technologies.

So, give us a call and turn your room… any room… into a Home Theatre.