Prudent Media Panaji - Goa

We were approached by the project manager and the Architect for providing a Soundproofing as well as a proper acoustic design for a space which would be used for the following:

  • News reading
  • Weather reports
  • Live Broadcasts
  • Interviews
  • Debates
Prudent media news room Panaji

The main challenge for us was the location of the news room, Right in the middle of the Panaji city where there were noises of all possible and inescapable traffic, Helicopters, planes, ever ongoing work by earthmoving machines etc. the noise levels we calculated before designing the studio was about 130 dB to 135 dB peaks that too low frequency which was very difficult to cope up with.

The studio being on the last floor of the building had a ceiling of metal sheets which added to our challenge of keeping the noise levels to the lowest possible in the studio.

We finally came up with a 6 layered design for the studio where we could achieve a substantial reduction in the noise level of only 35dB in the studio. We had designed the room for perfect acoustics and we could achieve a Reverberation time of 0.6 seconds which was perfect for recording.

According to the Architect and the client we also designed the studio in such a way that we could create different backdrops for them to use it for different purposes.

Prudent media news room Panaji
Prudent media news room Panaji